About eyeontheplace


My name is Michael Harper.  I run eyeontheplace.  My mission is to stop you worrying about your property when you’re not there.

Our unique internet CCTV systems allow you to see live images of your holiday property, wherever you are, at any time, so that you can instantly see that everything’s fine; look at your wonderful view or simply check the weather. You reall can get peace of mind and maximum pleasure from owning your property.

I’ve been in computing for many years, and my company has been an internet CCTV specialist since 2005, when eyeontheplace began. Things have changed a lot since then! Nowadays, with fast broadband speeds and cameras even better value than ever, it’s a great time to throw out those old-fashioned CCTV cameras with their “TV aerial” cables – and go digital, like the professionals.  For a very modest investment, you can get the same digital CCTV technology that you will find in airports, shopping centres and on trains and buses, with clear colour images and no need for a computer or video recorder.  You can see your home or business, live, from anywhere in the world – using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Please get in touch – I’m based in Shrewsbury, in the West Midlands, but we are used to receiving enquiries from all over the country and Europe. If you need to see your property, live, from wherever you happen to be, let’s find out what we can do for you.  You can get in touch right now…

eyeontheplace is a trading name of HarperNicholls Limited of Shrewsbury, UK. Our company was registered in the year 2000, and the registration number is 4013191.