Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to compile the most frequently asked questions about internet CCTV by However, please contact us immediately if your question isn’t in the list.

What is the best thing about eyeontheplace?
We think the best thing is that you can enjoy life a little more when you have an eyeontheplace system, because there is one less thing to worry about. For example, if you have a holiday home you can see for yourself, any time of day or night, wherever you are, that the front door has not been left open by departing guests. Just log into your private web pages and see for yourself that everything is as it should be.

Who is eyeontheplace designed for?

There are many, many uses for our system. Here are a few examples:

  • Owners of holiday homes or second homes who want to make sure that:
    1. everything is in order at the property
    2. the cleaners have been
    3. the key safe or front door is secure
    4. the garden looks as lovely as ever!
  • Parents who want to check that their kids arrived home safely
  • Employers who like to keep an eye on the place when they are away from base.
  • People who want to keep an eye on their pets.
  • People who want to keep an eye on an elderly relative living alone.

How do I go about getting an eyeontheplace system?

We start off by checking that broadband is available in the property (our system uses it). Next, we offer you two valuable services, absolutely free of charge and with NO commitment, such is our confidence in what we do:

  • An initial Survey Visit to your property (depending on where the property is located – contact us to see if your property qualifies).
  • A System Design Report – this is prepared after discussing your specific needs and is unique to YOUR property.

Next, once you decide to go ahead (and we hope you will!), we buy your cameras and other equipment. We then configure and test the equipment, and finally we visit the property to carry out the installation.

Do you supply everything that I need?

Yes, we do. We supply the camera(s) and also the router if you need one (we can usually use your existing router if you have one). We also supply any bits and pieces such as cabling – everything that’s needed.

Do you install the system?

We deliver the equipment, connect it, and test it to make sure that everything is functioning to your satisfaction, and provide you with an easy to follow guide – and of course we help you get started in actually using the system. If you need physical installation work, for example additional wiring, or running cables within trunking, through walls etc., we can help you to find a suitably-qualified local electrician if you wish, and we can arrange to be at the property when the electrician is there.

I don't want any technical problems or involvement, not now, not next year, not ever! I just want a system that does what I need, for always, with no hassle and maximum peace of mind. How can The Eyeontheoplace Club help me with this?
The Eyeontheplace Club

“Access to our unique system, your own private web pages, monitoring service and friendly support for years to come”

Eyeontheplace customers are invited to join the exclusive Eyeontheplace Club. Membership is essential if you want maximum peace of mind and no technical worries over the years. Our Club Members are eligible for ALL of the following benefits:

  • A full support service on an on-going basis, so you will never be on your own if you have any kind of technical problem with your cameras – unlike some other companies, we do not leave you high and dry after you have bought the system!
  • Your own secure web pages, where you can:
    • Get peace of mind by seeing the live view at your cameras, right now, from wherever you are in the world – using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
    • View recorded motion detection footage from your cameras.
    • Arm or disarm your cameras, and set the periods when your cameras are to detect motion.
  • Our unique, leading-edge automated monitoring system, including sophisticated image analysis to reduce false alerts.
  • You may also be eligible for a steep discount or even a TOTAL 100% discount on your first camera – check our current pricing for details.

The Eyeontheplace Club is what sets us apart from those companies that simply sell cameras. It’s perfect for people who:

  • Are too busy to face the daunting task of choosing cameras and configuring an internet CCTV system.
  • Are not interested in solving the technical problems that are bound to arise over time.
  • Want maximum peace of mind and minimum hassle from their internet CCTV system.
  • Want to deal with real people who know their trade.
  • Would rather pay a fair monthly amount to a specialist to take care of everything for them.

We have priced Eyeontheplace Club membership so that it offers what we believe is excellent value. It’s certainly unique in the UK marketplace today and we can only offer it because this is our exact specialist niche. If eligible, we’ll give you all of the above Club Benefits from just £29 per month depending on the number of cameras you have in the property. See our pricing page for details.

Over the years, most of our customers make good use of our friendly service, and become more like friends than customers. These cameras can be complicated pieces of equipment but we make it nice and easy – in fact, you really do get a lot of peace of mind in return for your monthly subscription, so please remember this before deciding to buy a system where the only help you can get, if you hit a problem later, is from a call centre staffed by people who don’t really have time for you. In this scenario, you could be left with a CCTV system that you can no longer use. We don’t work like that. The Eyeontheplace Club gives you real service and a system that will continue to do what you need it to do, not just now but years from now.

What do the cameras cost?

We will advise on the best cameras for your needs and budget. These days, they need not cost the earth – from less than £100 for a good, indoor, entry-level camera. We normally buy the cameras for you. This depends on the price plan you choose, a bit like buying a mobile phone – choose a 12-month Eyeontheplace Club contract, and you get a steep discount on your first camera – or it may even be FREE of charge. (Subject to availability.) If not included in your price plan, we supply cameras at very competitive rates with a price match guarantee. We ask that you pay for cameras when you place your order so that we can buy, program and test the cameras as soon as possible for you. You can check the current prices and camera options on our pricing page.

I can buy four cameras and a cheap video recorder for £150, so why would I choose eyeontheplace?

We use the new generation of digital CCTV cameras, also known as IP cameras. These are the cameras being installed nowadays in airports, hospitals, schools, buses and trains. Recorded footage does not go to a video recorder (that could be stolen or smashed), it is stored safely on our servers off-site. Those cameras you see in packs of four are “dumb” analogue cameras – the old fashioned type. These analogue cameras cannot be accessed over the internet unless they are connected by coaxial cable to a recorder. Our digital CCTV cameras need NO recorder or computer in the property! They simply connect wirelessly (or with a network cable) to your router. So with our system you don’t need to worry about the expense of buying a video recorder, the risk of it being stolen/broken or the inconvenience of where to put it!Please also take a look at the question above – you may find that a cheap camera system really is a false economy!

Do I need special software or an app to access my cameras across the internet?
No, our system is designed so that you can just use your normal web browser – no need to download any software. You can view the live scene, switch motion detection on/off, and manage your recorded images – all through a normal web browser.

Can I access my camera’s live image on my smart phone or tablet PC?
Yes. Simply use the standard web browser and log into your private web pages with your username & password.

Do your cameras have motion detection?
Yes. Our cameras all have motion detection, and you’ll normally receive an almost instant alert message when movement is seen. With many other systems, motion detection can result in hundreds of false alert emails caused by changes in the light or perhaps a tree branch moving in the breeze. With our unique “Intelligent Image Analysis” system, we find that false alerts are reduced by up to 80%. To be honest, even our “IIA” system is not fool-proof and you may sometimes still receive false alerts, especially with outdoor scenes, but we’ve used our many years of expertise and unique programming to minimise false alerts in a way that our competitors can’t.

What happens when one of my cameras detects movement?

The camera immediately sends a signal to our system and the system sends an instant email to the addresses you have provided. You can then log in using your smart phone or PC to see what is happening at the property.
If I rent out my home to holidaymakers, will the cameras spy on my guests?
We realise that even if you tell your visitors the camera has been deactivated; it may give little comfort if the lens is still pointing at them. There is a very simple solution – you can ask your guests or your cleaning staff to unplug the camera(s) when the property is in use, for complete reassurance. Some guests will actually prefer to have the protection of the camera(s); as long as they are reassured that nobody can see the images except authorised personnel.

Is eyeontheplace designed for crime prevention?
Our system is designed to stop you worrying about your property when you are not there. It is primarily a monitoring system and is not a substitute for an alarm system. Having said that, the cameras will very likely record anyone who comes into the field of view, and send you an immediate email, provided there is sufficient light (we advise on any lighting issues during the site survey). We also suggest placing camera warning signs on exterior doors/windows as these can act as a deterrent.

Remember – if your question hasn’t been answered by this page, PLEASE get in touch.