Keeping an “eyeontheplace” for Eight Years

I was looking through the archives and realised that was first launched pretty much eight years ago this week.  What’s amazing is how much things have changed for the better since then.  IP cameras are more sophisticated, and broadband speeds have really gone through the roof, making it more practical than ever to link cameras to a web application like ours, so that you can “keep an eye on the place for maximum peace of mind“, as we say in our leaflets.

For most of the eight years we have been in this business, we have used Axis IP cameras, because of their image quality and also because Axis publish technical information that helps us understand how to program the system to talk to the cameras.  Nowadays, though, other manufacturers offer similar things, so there’s a real possibility of working with other makes of camera now, which is quite exciting.

Of course, our own unique web application has also changed a great deal in the past eight years.  In recent weeks, I’ve been organising a major rewrite – more on this soon!  To begin with, our system was very basic, but was one of the first to offer a way to log into multiple cameras over the web using a single login and web address.  Then we added online storage of footage from motion detection (years before anyone was talking about “cloud” storage!)  Soon afterwards, we pioneered text message alerts when cameras detected movement, but recently things have changed again – we have just retired the text message feature from our standard package because with the arrival of instant emailing through smartphones, it’s not usually needed, although some companies still make a big thing about offering it!) About five years ago, we added basic mobile phone viewing, well ahead of most other companies, and more recently we have completely rewritten mobile eyeontheplace so that you can see your property, live, on your smartphone – and also use the phone to view recorded footage and arm/disarm the cameras!

One of our major developments, about five years ago, was the launch of “Intelligent Image Analysis”. This helps to reduce those troublesome false alert emails – it’s unique to eyeontheplace and has gone from strength to strength. Watch this space for an article about IIA soon.

A big change for eyeontheplace recently has been more of an involvement in the physical installation side of things.  Eyontheplace started as a pure internet company offering “self-install Camera Packs” that were fully configured and ready to plug in.  On receiving the pack, the customer would fix the cameras in position and connect everything together.  Nowadays, we still offer this, but we also offer to come along to the property these days too, perhaps working alongside an installer or instead of one.  This makes everything much easier for our customers.

Talking of which, it’s our customers who have made the past eight years really special.  We have worked with people who want to keep an eye on their holiday homes, their second homes, their main homes and their business premises. We find that people just can’t resist taking a look at the shop, the office, the garden, the view, the swimming pool, even family members and pets.  We get real satisfaction from giving our customers a bit of peace of mind – it’s what we’re all about to be honest.

So that’s our first eight years done.  What the next eight years will bring, who knows, but one thing that’s certain – the unstoppable move from analogue to digital means that IP cameras, and eyeontheplace, will be around for a long time to come…

IP Camera Help for CCTV Installers

Are you an Analogue CCTV Installer?

If so, you will know that the analogue CCTV business is in terminal decline.  Like radio and TV, CCTV has gone digital. Perhaps your income is suffering, either because you can’t take on the business when a customer wants digital IP cameras, or because you would have to hire an I.T. specialist which would make you uncompetitive or simply be too complicated. As you will know, this is causing many installers to leave the CCTV industry for good rather than learn the whole range of new computing and networking skills that the new technology demands. All those installation skills, lost for good; decent businesses on the scrapheap.

There is another way…

I am here to tell you that if you are a traditional CCTV installer, my company could safeguard your business well into the digital future.

I’m Michael from eyeontheplace. Eyeontheplace can offer you a great way into the fast-growing IP camera market, ahead of the competition and with no computing knowledge whatsoever.

This is how: is an established IP camera service provider. We have the programming and technical side covered.  This is easy to roll out anywhere in the country and Europe.  But there is plenty of opportunity for installers to work with us – to do what they are best at – the physical installation, but with no worries about the computing side, because we take care of everything from choosing the most appropriate equipment to working with the customer on an ongoing basis long after the installation, for maximum value for money, convenience and of course peace of mind.

We provide the background services that enable customers to get the best out of their cameras:

  •     we set up the customer’s private web pages for viewing images
  •     we set up email alerts
  •     we set up mobile phone viewing
  •     we provide storage space on our servers for recorded footage
  •     and of course we also handle the technical configuration of the cameras.

You as the installer would do basically what you have always done, for example:

  •     site survey
  •     advising on the best location for the cameras
  •     fitting the cameras
  •     fitting weatherproof housings
  •     internal/external wiring
  •     focusing the cameras

We work with you to make everything go smoothly.  You won’t have any computing or technical problems to solve – we’re here for that. It’s easy for you and it’s easy for your (our) customers.

As a bonus, we will give you leaflets and postcards that you can hand to existing and prospective customers. Not only do these materials explain the benefits of IP cameras, but they also show people that you are no dinosaur; you’re up-to-date with the internet CCTV market and working with, the specialist in this field.

The CCTV installer (you) plus the IP camera service provider ( really does equal the dream team. By using services in this way, you can not only safeguard but also grow your installation business well into the future.

At the top of the page is a “contact” buttom. Hit this now! I will do the rest.

Michael Harper