Electrician? You Do the Lecky, We Do the Techie

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If you’re an experienced electrician in Shropshire, Cheshire, Herefordshire etc. looking to grow your business, you’ll love eyeontheplace.com.

Double socket

We make it really easy for you to bring an exciting, in-vogue product to your customers. It’s a product that has now overtaken traditional CCTV, which will, within a few years, be dead. I’m talking about digital CCTV, also known as IP cameras or network cameras.

These cameras, unlike your dumb analogue CCTV cameras, enable people to see their property, live, from anywhere in the world, by connecting over the internet using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. People invest a lot of hard-earned cash in their homes, holiday homes, villas etc. and this is a great way to help them stop worrying about their property when they can’t be there.

As an electrician, you are perfectly placed to bring internet CCTV to your customers – with our help. As the title says: “You do the lecky, we do the techie”! When you install an internet CCTV system from eyeontheplace.com, you do what you do best. You run cables inside or outside, fit sockets, mount cameras on the wall, make everything good. We do ALL of technology side: we program the cameras, test the system, make sure our customer knows how everything works and give full ongoing support. It’s a great partnership!

All you need to do is click the link to register with us (don’t worry, it takes seconds and costs nothing!), and we will give you a special electricians’ partner pack with information that you can give to your customers when you think they might genuinely get some peace of mind from eyeontheplace internet CCTV.

So, before leaving this page, if you’re an electrician in Shropshire, Herefordshire, Cheshire or surrounding areas, please click the link and register as a partner with eyeontheplace!

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