Motion Detection False Alerts Reduced by 95%

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With our Intelligent Image Analysis feature, we can prevent approximately 95% of IP camera motion detection false alerts. This feature, unique to, was designed and implemented to solve a major annoyance for our customers.

UPDATE Although now (in 2015) some of the more sophosticated IP camera applications have finally caught up with eyeontheplace 😉 and implemented their own versions, ours is unique in this price range, and the vast majority of IP cameras and IP camera applications don’t have any kind of motion detection false alerts reduction at all.

SO, most buyers of IP camera systems, especially in the small business and domestic market, will find to their inconvenience and dismay that they still suffer from a common problem when it comes to motion detection: false alerts. These false alerts are frequently caused by:

  • Falling rain or snow
  • Trees or bushes moving in the wind
  • Sudden changes in light, such as a light being switched on or a car headlight

Depending on the system and how it is configured, each alert could result in an email being sent to the contact address, and images being recorded. Without our special Intelligent Image Analysis feature, even in 24 hours it is not uncommon for a customer to receive hundreds of alert emails. With some systems (not ours) the images are even attached to the emails, resulting in a mountain of massive emails in your inbox after a windy day, for example!

Our system prevents this. When your camera detects “movement”, the images are sent to our servers as usual. At this stage, without Intelligent Image Analysis, other systems would typically record images and send an alarm email – even if the trigger was caused by a branch moving or a light coming on. In our case, Intelligent Image Analysis program gets to work, analysing the image to determine whether it contains a valid trigger such as a person or a vehicle, or a false trigger such as a light coming on or a branch moving in the breeze. Then, if it is a false alarm, no further action is taken.  As you can imagine, this is not an easy task, and to be honest even our system gets it wrong sometimes, so we’re not claiming to eliminate 100% of false alerts. We have to play safe and make sure we don’t filter out real intruders!

Because of the difficulty of this task, despite what you may read in the ads, no software can truly claim to eliminate 100% of false alerts, but we estimate that ours eliminates about 95% of them. We measured this as follows:

  1. Over a period of time, we examined images recorded from cameras with motion detection, and counted ONLY the “false” triggers caused by things such as trees moving in the breeze.
  2. Of these false triggers, we counted those that were successfully filtered out by Intelligent Image Analysis – taking this as a percentage of the total to give the accuracy level.

To maximise accuracy, our application can record data from your camera images so that we can fine-tune the settings depending on your camera’s individual location – again, this level of customisation and individual adjustment camera by camera is something unique to  To our knowledge, no other company has this ability.

So, if you currently have an IP camera system and false alerts are a problem, or if you’re considering a system but don’t want the irritation of hundreds of false alerts, why not come and join us? We’re a specialist company in the field of IP cameras; we’ll do our best to make you happy; we’ll give you a great (and unique) system and it won’t break the bank – click to take a look at our prices page.


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