Get a Fantastic IP Camera System – No More Worrying!


“I challenge you to find a property monitoring package
that gives you more for your money”

We’ll work with you to put together the best IP camera and monitoring package for your needs. These are the things you will need to budget for:

  • Cameras: Market-leading IP cameras are not expensive these days, starting at around £70.00. Up to 100% subsidy may be available on your first camera (please contact us for details).
  • 24/7 Automated Monitoring & Full Support Service: from £29 per month.
  • Installation: Installation costs are specific to each project. You may not need any installation work, or you may need an electrician to run some cabling, for example. We can advise and arrange as necessary.

The Eyeontheplace Club is our fully-inclusive support and monitoring service. Other suppliers just sell you the cameras and leave you with all of the technical complications to sort out yourself. We won’t do that to our customers! For your monthly subscription, which typically costs around the same as a mobile phone contract, we take care of all the technical complications for you, not just at the beginning, but any time, as long as you remain a member. As a member of our club (which is unique, by the way), you’ll have access to our exclusive web-based app for access from computers and mobile devices, and we’ll keep everything up and running for you, for years to come. You really will have full peace of mind and no technical headaches!

Would you struggle to program your own cameras? Would a technical problem with your CCTV system have you pulling your hair out? Are you simply too busy to get involved? Then Eyeontheplace Club membership is PERFECT for you. It’s available exclusively to eyeontheplace customers. The minimum membership period is 12 months. Members receive the following benefits:

Eyeontheplace Club Benefits:

  • SUBSIDISED CAMERA: At the moment, as a Member you can get a steep subsidy or even a TOTAL subsidy on the first camera of your IP camera system (subject to availability). Please contact us to check current availability.
  • A full support service on an on-going basis, so you will never be on your own if you have any kind of technical problem with your IP camera system – unlike some other companies, we do not leave you high and dry as soon as you have handed over your hard-earned cash!
  • In many areas of the UK, as part of your club membership we offer a free, no-obligation site visit and survey before you place your order. We will also personally deliver your equipment, connect it up, make sure everything is working and then provide you with an easy-to-follow guide. We also answer any questions, of course, and basically make sure you are happy. This is included as part of The Eyeontheplace Club membership for many areas of the UK. (Please contact us to check whether your area is covered. If you are not in the area we deliver to personally, no problem – we will deliver your equipment ready to plug in and provide support by phone to make sure you are happy with everything.) If you need additional wiring fitted, or cabling fitted into trunking, through walls etc. we can help you to find a suitably-qualified local electrician to carry out this work.
  • Your own secure web pages, where you can:

o Get peace of mind by seeing the live view at your cameras, right now, from wherever you are in the world – using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

o View recorded motion detection footage from your cameras.

o Arm or disarm your cameras, and set the periods when your cameras are to detect motion.

  • Our unique, leading-edge automated monitoring system, including “Intelligent Image Analysis” to reduce false alerts.

More Information on The Eyeontheplace Club, our unique monitoring and support service:

The Eyeontheplace Club is what sets us apart from those companies that simply sell cameras. It’s perfect for people who:

  • Are too busy to face the daunting task of choosing cameras and configuring an internet CCTV system.
  • Are not interested in solving the technical problems that are bound to arise over time.
  • Want maximum peace of mind and minimum hassle from their internet CCTV system.
  • Want to deal with real people who know their trade.
  • Would rather pay a fair monthly amount to a specialist to take care of everything for them.

We have priced Eyeontheplace Club membership so that it offers what we believe is excellent value. It’s certainly unique in the UK marketplace today and we can only offer it because this is our exact specialist niche. If membership is available, as soon as you join you get all of the above Club Benefits for your modest monthly subscription.

Over the years, most of our customers make good use of our friendly service, and become more like friends than customers. These cameras can be complicated pieces of equipment but we make it nice and easy – in fact, you really do get a lot of peace of mind in return for your monthly subscription, so please remember this before deciding to buy a system where the only help you can get, if you hit a problem later, is from a call centre staffed by people who don’t really have time for you. In this scenario, you could be left with a CCTV system that you can no longer use.

We don’t work like that.

The Eyeontheplace Club gives you real service and a system that will continue to do what you need it to do, not just now but years from now.

If you are raring to go, remember that (subject to geographical limits) we’re offering a free, no obligation site visit and survey, please contact us today and let’s get you some peace of mind.